Vision And Mission


National Anti-Trafficking Committee envisages a society that is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound and genuinely democratic.


National Anti-Trafficking Committee’s mission is to work alongside the socially and economically excluded groups of people, starting with children. It works to enhance the rightful and equitable share of development for all who are disproportionately placed, by facilitating the process of empowerment and good governance.

NATC is working against

  • To stop Human Trafficking
  • To stop child labour
  • To save dropout students
  • To stop early marriage
  • To protect human rights
  • To protect ST,SC,OBC minority community
  • To establish and stop trafficking of physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded person and to provide them shelter, food, medical, clothing or other help
  • To establish, promote ,set up and maintain finance and support for running schools, colleges and research centres for the development in anti-trafficking of human
  • To establish relief and aid to the persons rescued from being trafficked
  • To provide services for domestic violence and sexual assault centres, reproductive health centres, homeless shelter ,shelters for runaway and homeless youth